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If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please discontinue using this site immediately.

By remaining in this site, continuing the use of it, and/or placing an order for any of the services or products offered in this website, you fully accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

From here on; the term “the company” or “BMS” shall refer to BMS Business Marketing Solutions, any officer, employee and/or representative, and the term “the client” or “the customer” shall refer to any entity interested in and/or purchasing any product or service offered by the company.

ALL Sales Are Final!  Any amount paid is non-refundable, if a refund is granted; it is solely at BMS’ discretion.

Because graphic and web design are time consuming and labored processes, there will be NO refunds/returns on any graphic or web design order, once jobs have been initiated and/or completed. The full amount quoted will be due, even if the customer decides to cancel the order.

It is the customer’s responsibility to carefully examine any/all proofs/samples for grammar and other. Once a design/job/order/sample/proof has been approved, NO changes can be made and the job/order will be completed as approved.

Approval of orders/jobs may be given by the customer via email, text, phone, verbally or simply by making a payment or continuing communications pertaining to any/all orders/jobs.

If the customer is providing any artwork/design/image for any job/order/work, this will be posted, printed or processed “as-is” and the customer agrees that BMS will not be held accountable/liable for any typos, errors, misspellings, color discrepancies and/or any other issue(s) that arise due to the artwork/design/image provided.

The customer agrees that by providing any image/picture/graphic, instructing the company where/how to acquire, retrieve, download or use any image/picture/graphic; the customer assumes any/all responsibility/liability for the use of any/all images/pictures/graphics.  Also any/all designs, images, pictures, website and marketing material content are the customer’s sole responsibility.

The customer agrees to 10% over/under production quantity for any/all products/orders.

The customer agrees to a $50 fee for any returned check (Non-Sufficient Funds).

The customer agrees that any/all balances are due on the date shown on the invoice/sales order/receipt and agrees to pay the full amount quoted and any/all fees such as collection/legal/court/late and other fees associated with past-due balances. Including, but not limited to, driving/transportation fees or time spent having to visit the customer to collect payment for any due balance.  Any/all additional fees that come up due to outstanding balances may begin and accrue from the date any/all balances are due.

There are no warranties on installation or other services performed.

For web design and/or web updates/upgrades the customer agrees to provide all text and other content to be posted or updated on the website.  Once the customer has approved the web design/update/upgrade NO changes can be made.  If the customer requests any change(s) after giving approval, there WILL BE additional costs to make the requested change(s).

The customer agrees to pay yearly renewal fees for the following products/services:

  • - Domain name(s)
  • - Corporate email account(s)
  • - Website hosting service(s)
  • - Any/all other additional service(s)

If the customer fails to pay any/all yearly renewal fees for any/all products/services described above, these will be lost, canceled and/or become unavailable or inoperable past the date of renewal. This includes, but is not limited to, any/all customer’s website(s) been brought down, terminated or cancelled.  If the customer wishes to have any/all of these services/products re-instated or re-uploaded, the customer agrees to additional fees designated by the company.

The customer may request any/all artwork/designs that have been created and paid for by the customer. The customer agrees to make any such request within six months of the original order date.

The customer has up to 90 days to complete any/all orders/jobs/work from the date the product/service was ordered and/or a deposit was paid.  Any/all orders/jobs/work that are not completed within these 90 days, due to the customer’s inactivity, lack of follow-through, unresponsiveness or failure to provide the necessary information or content, WILL BE considered as completed and the customer is responsible for the total amount quoted.  If the customer wishes to complete any order/job/work after the 90 day period, there will be additional fees which may be equal or even greater to the entire order amount.

The company may only keep the customer’s artwork/design on file for up to six (6) months from the original order date. This is to allow for storage space on our servers. The company may delete the customer’s artwork/design after the six month period. Any/all artwork/design requests by the customer beyond this six month period will have additional/extra fees designated by the company.